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Mining dividend leading in the age of digital technology

BVV to establish a new business digital finance ecology

Leading mining dividend in digital technology era
BVV establishes a new ecosystem of commercial digital finance

Introduction to BVV

BVV Introduction

BVV was founded by Bitvavo Exchange, a Canadian mining company Bitfarms and a well-known Canadian fund BetaShares Gold Bullion Currency Hedged fund. It is a one-stop comprehensive service platform with DeFi mining as the core concept, which integrates cloud computing power mining, cluster R&D and construction, computing power wholesale, ecological fund, etc. It provides a full set of solutions for DeFi mining ecological industry chain, and truly reflects the service concept that participation is value and behavior is mining. BVV cooperated with many large BTC pools, mining machine manufacturers, mining sites, Power suppliers cooperate to bring systematic value-added services to users through diversified BTC derivative applications such as BTC machine gun and BTC lending.
By establishing a data mining center, BVV provides cloud services for Internet enterprises with global mining needs. By co-building and sharing the trusted and proven DeFi mining network, For hundreds of millions of DeFi mining based consensus users to provide safe, worry-free, Low-cost investment services to help investors achieve diversification of mining investment and the relative maximization of returns.

Introduction to the Founding organization

Introduction to the founding organization


Introduction to Bitvavo Exchange

Bitvavo Exchange, launched in 2018, is the largest trading platform in the Netherlands and Europe's leading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, You can buy, sell and store more than 50 digital assets. bitvavo aims to bridge the gap between traditional currencies and digital assets, The ambitious, development-focused team based in Amsterdam is constantly working to improve and expand the Bitvavo platform. Bitvavo offers transparent fees, A wide range of assets and an easy-to-use platform that gives everyone access to digital assets by offering millions of people to trade on the bitvavo platform, Play an important role in the rise of digital assets.



Bitfarms is a Canadian mining company that operates the largest cryptocurrency mining operation in North America. The company operates five mines in Quebec, Canada, It runs entirely on renewable energy, and the average cost of electricity is kWh/4 cents. Bitfarms from Dominion in 2019 Capital raised a round of funding. Bitfarms was founded on October 11, 2018 and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Market (TSXV) in 2019, with a dedicated ASIC monitoring and management platform.


BetaShares Gold Bullion Currency Hedged

BetaShares Gold Bullion Currency Hedged is one of the biggest and richest funds in Canadian fund market. As of September 2020, BetaShares had approximately $13 billion in assets under management. BetaShares Fund has built a large mine in the Canadian Special Economic Zone, the Galaxy Mine, with a total investment of about 220 million US dollars. Installed capacity of the mine is 3900kva, There are 12 large supercomputer rooms in total, 160,000 high-power machines, and the annual gross profit of full production exceeds 127 million US dollars.

Alliance investment agency

Alliance investment institutions

So far, BVV has attracted Hut 8 Mining of Canada, Canon Technology, Marathon Patent, Riot Blockchain, HIVE Blockchain, Dialog of the United States Semiconductor, Northern Data, miningcity eight well-known institutions jointly invested and joined. An initial investment of $150 million will be used to build a BVV server cluster and a mining center in Canada (one of the largest mining centers in the world after completion). After completion, it can provide hundreds of millions of level mining space stably. The first round of funding has reached 80 million US dollars.

BVV characteristics

BVV characteristics
  • Safe and stable

    Using the original mining pool structure, can effectively prevent all kinds of attacks, safe storage of funds, And maintain the stable operation of mining services to ensure the normal calculation and income.

  • Stable service

    Top technical team and supply chain equipment, DeFi mining architecture and high pressure testing, supporting concurrent mining of millions of mining machines, Multi-node deployment around the world, 7*24 hours stable mining network environment.

  • Revenue lead

    Mining rejection rate is stably controlled at a low level to ensure higher effective computing power of users, and the measured income leads the whole network.

  • Revenue transparency

    Open source code, fairer distribution method, automatic daily distribution and payment, revenue data real-time transparency.

  • Advanced technology

    Professional mining pool operation team, 365 days a year uninterrupted service, reputation, and mining science sharing.

  • Save worry and effort

    Secure hosting, reduce costs, enlarge benefits.

  • Integrated service

    Comprehensive service is committed to improving miners' earnings, opening up mining and trading links, and providing one-stop mining ecological services.

  • Composite platform

    is not only a mining pool, but also a one-stop blockchain hardware and software whole industry chain cryptocurrency platform.

  • high-speed communication network

    Mine pool monitoring, reduce the block burst data delay, reduce the block rate.

BVV advantage

BVV advantages
  • 01

    Lead in computing power

    BVV is the world's leading computing accelerator pool with Dialog's powerful hardware supply chain equipment, Hardware, capacity, space and scale of the whole network leading, with the world's leading computing power advantage, so stable mining income.

  • 02

    Leading technology

    BVV's technical team is from the experienced Bitvavo exchange, With mature DeFi mining technology and rich experience in mining pool research and development, we can ensure higher effective computing power of users.

  • 03

    Market lead

    ● BVV was backed by a Canadian fund called BetaShares Gold Bullion Currency Hedged. With broad market resources. Through the world's leading technology and computing advantages, Attracting more B-end miners to join the mining pool can ensure the stability of mining earnings and provide users with diversified investment plans and multiple benefits.

Why BVV?

Why BVV?

BVV has great power:
① With powerful hardware supply chain equipment, sustainable supply of computing equipment;
(2) With mature DeFi mining technology, can develop advanced DeFi mining software;
(3) With broad market resources, it can attract more miners to participate and enhance the calculation power of the mine pool.

BVV DeFi mining advantage

BVV DeFi mining advantages
  • Joint house

    The idea of a syndicate is to take everyone and become a syndicate, Let everyone have banker's thinking, learn value investment.

    In the capital markets, the house is always the strongest, The house always wins. BVV joint firm concept is to lead users to do one A qualified investor. Therefore, the application of BVV based on DeFi underlying technology is implemented. Create a value system, build a decentralized intelligent ecology, Digital banking for permanent pipelines. BVV token holders collectively become the owners of BVV tokens, Make every BVV token holder a banker.

    BVV is fully decentralized through DeFi, smart contract firm, Fund safety and transparency, automatic operation on the chain, Stable, efficient, fast and other features to achieve all BVV token holders joint ownership, To equitably benefit all holders of BVV tokens, to make wealth more free, Make finance simpler, make life better.

  • DeFi mining gain logic

    On the DEFI platform, half of the coins in the flow pool are broken, Quadrupling the price, as the pool of money slowly builds up to a quantitative change, Like the eruption of a volcano, multiplied a hundred times in a night, multiplied a thousand times in ten days, The principle is equivalent to the volcanic principle.

    When it breaks once, the price quadruples.

    Split twice, price goes up 16 times.

    Breaks three times, price goes up 64 times

    Breaks four times and doubles the price by 256 times

    Break five times and multiply the price by 1024 times

    seven breaks, 16,384 times the price

    DeFi mining has unlimited value-added space, and LP mining has dividends. In addition, the rising price of the currency not only earns dividends, but also enjoys the income of the appreciation of the currency.

  • No worries about customer revenue

    Customers are not bothered by the pledge money

    Safety net liquidation output to the income, the customer is guaranteed

    Choose brand machine, stable output

    Low-cost expansion mechanism

    Shelf time, fill the period transparent

    effective computation force

DeFi product matrix

DeFi product matrix

The original purpose of DeFi finance is to enable more people who cannot be reached by the traditional financial system to enjoy the right of inclusive finance easily and quickly. There are so many issues that make it limited to investors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Without more outward expansion, it will be difficult to achieve inclusive finance in the true sense.
The goal of BVV is to build a DeFi comprehensive mining platform, with beautiful user interface, user-friendly operation experience, one-stop portable investment and other functions, to lower the threshold for users to enter DeFi inclusive finance, and truly attract the vast user groups in need of inclusive finance services.

DeFi digital assets
Wealth Management platform

Earn Collection
Revenue aggregator

Financial Enhancement Insurance
Financial enhancement insurance

Lighting Lend
One-click aggregate lending

Circulation attributes and ownership

Industrial planning layout of BVV

Industrial planning and layout of BVV

As a DeFi mining integrated service platform, BVV has huge advantages in hardware supply chain equipment, software technology operation and capital operation. The industrial planning and layout of BVV covers ten ecological industries including spot, mining machine cluster, mining machine crowdfunding, DeFi decentralized finance, data supercomputing center, IDC modem house operation and maintenance, enterprise data storage, mining machine supercomputing center industry chain, BVV Research Institute and BVV incubation center.

  • Spot

    Spot ecology includes spot computation, zero computation and additive computation. Among them, BVV has built its own mines, DeFi mining computing pool, supercomputing center, data center, etc., can provide spot computing power for users or enterprises with computing needs.

  • cluster

    Custom cluster: BVV custom type set Cluster, suitable for computing cluster large scale Scenario that provides customized Lotus generation Code; BVV private client for Ubuntu system and official algorithm We do targeted optimization.

    IP cluster: BVV depending on the demander and Servers create IP clusters and root them Service according to different needs.

  • Mining machine crowdfunding

    Mining machine: BVV will integrate more B-terminal miners globally and crowdfund more mining machines for clustering, so that mining safety is worry-free.

    Pledge currency: BVV will launch BVV and other DeFi mining token pledge crowdfunding mechanism, so that users cost can also be efficient and stable mining.

    Gas fees: BVVS have exclusive advantages through BVV hardware, algorithms, intelligent GAS control. And through the form of crowdfunding to achieve dynamic adjustment of ticket processing fee, optimize the rhythm of tickets, reduce the issuing fee.

  • DeFi
    Decentralized finance

    BVV will launch the computational power mining and liquidity mining of the first digital currency mining of BVV for drainage, and will later launch the mining of other digital currencies. When BVV reaches a certain volume, BVV will also launch DEX cross-chain exchange, as well as other digital currency financial derivatives, to bring more diversified benefits to users.

  • Data supercomputer center

    BVV platform will set up the first supercomputer center in Canada. Later, it will also set up BVVDeFi mining server with more than 60 P in 24 countries and regions around the world, providing cloud services for global Internet enterprises with computing and storage needs.

  • IDC modulation
    Demodulator room maintenance

    Operation and maintenance of IDC room are divided into three levels: infrastructure maintenance, coupling layer maintenance, and application service maintenance.

  • Enterprise data storage

    BVV has implemented customized data storage services for multiple application ecosystem partners through its existing supercomputing center to help address data storage needs.

  • miner &
    Supercomputer center industry chain

    The establishment and operation of supercomputer center

    Mining machine production

    Mine layout

    Mining machine subscription and hosting

    Computer sales/leasing

  • BVV Research Institute

    To build a new generation of decentralized and untrusted storage network for better BVV platform, To provide services to hundreds of millions of DeFi mining consensus users and Internet enterprises, BVV established the BVV Research Institute.

  • BVV incubation center

    BVV incubation center gathers experts in the field to conduct research and discussion on top-level architecture construction, technology research and development, commercial application, industrial strategy and other aspects, providing guidance for entrepreneurs/companies and reference for industry development and policy formulation.

BVV development Plan

BVV development plan
  • Strategic Planning 1.0

    BVV strategic planning 1.0 will make the ecological application of mining currency BVV enabling and computing power mining attempt, make use of its own strong computing power advantages, recruit and integrate more B-end miners to do computing power storage and mining together. BVV will follow the mining consensus of mainstream mining coins, and continue the research and development of DeFi mining computing power storage and incentive mining according to the DeFi mining concept, in order to attract more flow.

  • Strategic Planning 2.0

    BVV Strategic Planning 2.0 will take advantage of its own powerful hardware supply chain equipment + advanced DeFi mining technology + strong capital operation and other advantages to create its own ecological platform, build BVV mining coin ecology, virtual node + physical mining machine to produce BVV tokens.

● Stage 1.0
Attract global users through BVV economic model To participate in mining to obtain BVV, We work together to build a consensus mechanism for BVV mineral coins.

● Stage 2.0
Create a wealth mechanism for BVV mining coins, Launch more product forms according to user needs, More diverse mining methods, Secure and easy access to more popular currencies, To achieve the diversification of computing power investment and the relative maximization of income.

● Stage 3.0
Creating ecological mechanisms to feed manufacturing, Parent industry, new infrastructure, digital technology, DeFi Mining Research Institute, etc., return to the tradition and make contributions to the industry.

BVV Mission Vision

BVV mission vision

BVV will adhere to the principle of "fairness, justice and openness" and the value concept of "consensus, co-construction and win-win", help ordinary users to achieve diversification of investment methods and maximize relative returns, and enhance the stability of investors' returns. Provide customized mining services for enterprises or organizations with large-scale deployment needs, help solve the vast social demand for mining, and leverage a $100 billion market. BVV will continue to layout development, aiming at the Web3.0 era, establish a business digital financial ecology, lead mining dividends, and become the largest listed unicorn platform in the global DeFi mining market.